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The purpose of this ministry is to bring the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are incarcerated in correctional facilities. This ministry is designed to fit seamlessly with the current chaplaincy program and should require no special concessions (other than a place to hold classes) from the correctional institution. It is our desire for this ministry to positively impact the lives of the incarcerated which will in turn improve the overall atmosphere in the correctional facility.

The ministry does not impose any special conditions on those who would participate in the classes. The classes are voluntary and open to the entire general population. It is our experience that those who choose to attend classes are more teachable and have a deeper commitment to change their lives than those who are required to participate. Therefore, the classes will always be offered on a strictly voluntary basis. Classes that will be offered include but are not limited to:

  • Changing My Life: The Process
  • Experiencing God
  • Living A Moral Life
  • Spiritual Discipleship
  • Stepping Up by Dennis Rainey
  • Living as a Man/Woman of God in the Free World
  • Learning to Handle Finances
  • Being a Godly Parent
  • Verse by verse study of various books of the Bible
  • Marriage: Keeping it Real, God’s Way
  • Overcoming Substance Abuse, God’s Way
  • Authority: The Benefits of Submission versus the Cost of Rebellion

All ministry staff and volunteers are committed to being in full compliance with all Department of Correction’s policies and regulations. While this ministry is distinctively Christ-centered and Bible-based it will in no way violate separation of Church/State statutes.

This ministry is designed to fit into existing chapel departments and will maintain a level of flexibility that many other programs do not have. It is also a ministry that can be incorporated into any willing correctional facility and has the potential of positively impacting many more lives than a traditional program. While the program is flexible it also maintains a structure that addresses many of the issues facing the incarcerated and gives them the knowledge, accountability, and support to successfully transition back into society.

GWBM Executive Director Rod & wife Jeanne Brouwer

Executive Director Rod & wife Jeanne Brouwer

Associate Directer Kevin & wife Michelle Dunn

Associate Director Kevin & wife Michelle Dunn


Rod Brouwer
Executive Director

Kevin Dunn
Associate Director

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