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"Henry Blackaby said "Find out where God is working and join him there." I have experienced just that. God is doing amazing things in the Arkansas Prison System. For the past five years, I have had the privilege to have Rod as a mentor while ministering in numerous prisons in AR with GWBM. He has taught me the in’s and out’s of prison ministry. My family has been active members of 1st Southern Baptist Church in Bryant, AR for 14 years. I have had the privilege of being part of the Deacon body and working in AWANA and with the Middle School youth. I believe it is God's will that this ministry reach thousands of inmates throughout the world in order to bring them to Christ."

Kevin Dunn, GWBM Associate Director

"I have met no one who is more gifted, equipped, or faithful in his calling to bring the Gospel message to prison inmates than Rod Brouwer. Rod’s ministry and personal life is unashamedly Scripture-based and committed to the leading of the Holy Spirit. His spiritual fervor is characterized by the gratitude of one who is truly aware of the eternal impact of forgiveness and salvation found only through total acceptance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be more than delighted to respond to any further requests to express my evaluation of the ministry of Rod Brouwer. I pray that the Lord will use this letter of reference to assist those reading it to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in whatever decisions need to be made."

Marion Reynolds - Arkansas Baptist State Convention

"Rod Brouwer is connecting ministry minded men and women in our churches with Arkansas prisons. He is the real deal."

Bob Fielding, Chaplaincy Coordinator, Arkansas Baptist State Convention

"It is a joy to have one of our own members leading such a ministry! We are proud to be gospel partners with Rod and all the volunteers."

Clif Springer, Associate Pastor, First Southern Baptist Church, Bryant, Arkansas

"I cannot say enough good things about Rod and Jeanne Brouwer and Grace without Borders. They always come prepared to present Christ centered curriculum in a first class and professional way. Our inmates and staff are blessed because of their involvement.

Patrick McCown, Chaplain, Tucker Maximum unit, Tucker AR

"For many years the verses I claimed for my testimony were Hebrews 10:35-36, these verses have now been expanded to include verses 33-39. God has allowed me to be introduced into prison ministry through Grace without Borders and words cannot express the fulfillment God gives by partnering with others on a mission field that is ripe for harvest. Read Hebrews 10:33-39, and boldly commit to joining this ministry and prepare to be amazed at how God will Bless you!"

David McCorkel - Certified Religious Assistant - Tucker Maximum Security Prison
Grace Without Borders Volunteer since October 2007


Rod Brouwer
Executive Director

Kevin Dunn
Associate Director

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